Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Harvest

The field is ready. The crop is ripe. Where are the laborer's?

There are some, I can see them now, but oh so few!

Why? Why are there not more, Lord why have you not sent more?

The world is perishing the crops are wasting away for lack of laborers! Where are they Lord?

Where is your compassion? Where is your desire for glory? How will they hear?

Look in the fields again, Lord! Your servants are failing, they are weary beyond measure.

Won't you give them relief, won't you give them help? What are you waiting for?!

Ah!!!! I see some coming to help now! No, wait! They are not helping! Look Lord!

These are not your servants! They are trying to take the harvest away! Stop them Lord!

Over there, Oh God, over there, do you see them? Your laborer's don't, they are too busy.

Wait! One of your laborers sees them now, but what is this, he has dropped his work!

No, no, no, he has dropped his harvesting to chase away this thief. Lord where are You?

If only you had sent more servants some could harvest and some could protect the harvest.

Don't you care about protecting the harvest, Lord? Where are Your laborers?

I think I see...Yes it is...Lord, I see an old man laboring out there. There's another one!

Lord I see many, many old men laboring. Their bodies won't take this work much longer.

Where are the young men Lord? They should be here now, learning from these aged servants.

If you don't send them soon, your fields will be empty, save but a few, faithful ones.

What is your plan? Don't you see that you must have new laborers ready to contine the work?

There! There! I see one leaving the field even now. Even so he looks back with pain.

What a gap he has left! He sees it, he grieves...Lord where is the man to take His place?

Lord!! Hear my cry, and send out laborers for this great harvest. Raise them up.

Raise them up from every corner of the earth. Bring them out of every place, every people.

I know that you can do it, Lord. I have faith in You, I have confidence, but Lord it is hard.

Oh, if only I was more gifted? I could help! If only I had more time, or more of a calling.

If I had more knowledge I'd help and some more confidence and more authority.

If I had those things I'd jump right in! You understand, don't you, Lord? I'd love to help...

But harvesting looks too tough for me, so please just raise up somebody else, okay?