Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Hobby

Hello to everyone who may someday read this. I must say I didn't expect to find you reading this as it is not the type of thing most people read. But then you aren't most people are you. You are you, and don't you deny it! You are one of the few people in the world who has carved out the time to reach out and touch your mouse button in a quest for deeper learning and now you have found me. You have found me, but whether you have found deeper learning, that is for you to decide. All I can offer you is my simple hobby-to write. I love to write and have concluded that this will be my outlet. "Write about what?' you may ask, and rightly so. "Why write at all?" you may also ask, and with the same degree of rightness.

The answer to the former goes without saying, but then what am I typing for if it isn't to say something. I want to write about everything, as long as it is not my own personal daily doings that will bore you to death and yet somehow draw you into an obsession with those same doings that will subdue your consciousness with their inanity. Not to say there isn't a place for blogs of a personal nature, there simply isn't a place for one about me. No, I hope to present articles of interest, entertainment, and edification on a variety of topics. Some of the topics you may see here (or may not) would fall into the following categories: Father to Son--A series of Paternal letters advising sons on the various areas of life that will confront them; Odds and Ends--A series of odd observations on life in general; Love and Marriage--A series on...well...love and marriage; The ministry of the Church--I think you get the idea.

The answer to the latter is a bit more worrisome to me. In all
truthfulness (not just some of it, mind you) my writing is really more for me than anyone else. As I make that confession I realize that I am in danger of arrogance and perhaps a bit of that narcissism that I previously claimed to be avoiding. Please permit me to explain myself. I have long enjoyed writing, but simply didn't do it. I have long had thoughts, but simply didn't think them out. In this blog I hope to do both. Whether you are able to profit by the result is only for you to decide, but remember as you read, this is a hobby.

Yes, dear Reader, consider the path you are starting down. As with any hobby, before there can be the gleaming, vintage roadster--there must be the rusting hulk in the garage; before there can be the finely crafted dining set, there must be the wobbly, scarred chair. But if you are the adventurous type or are simply like the neighbor who comes to watch the rusted hulk sanded and painted to gloss or the rough chunks of wood carved into beauty, I invite you to read on. Read with patience, but read nonetheless.

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